Davao City to use integrated bus system, phase out jeepneys

Davao City is set to implement an integrated bus system and will soon phase out jeepneys to improve its transport system.

In a report by PhilStar, Dionisio Abude, Davao City Transport and Traffic Management Office chief, said jeepneys plying the Catalunan Grande-Roxas Avenue and C.P. Garcia Highway-Sasa routes would be initially affected.

jeepney traffic • Davao City to use integrated bus system, phase out jeepneys

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio has rejected the jeepney modernization program, saying that it’s unfair to require jeepney drivers to comply with the modernization and then sell their jeepneys for scrap six months later.

The bus system is in its initial stage, while livelihood assistance of more than 440 jeepney operators and drivers are also being worked out.

source: PhilStar

Louie Diangson
  1. same with the first post. i despise agreeing with a dutertoid. jeepneys have fought the modernization thing with tooth and nail and it really never progressed except past toughtalk.

    if modernization failed then phasing out should be the solution to these.

    we need that here in tarlac there are alot of routes plied by jeeps that could better be serviced by a bus on a fixed scheduled departure time. many times was late for work when the jeep i needed to ride had their last trip earlier than usual or the stupidly long wait times or the un uniform seating capacity. jeeps need to go the way of the dodo. its antiquated and along with tricycles need to be replaced with something more efficient.

  2. The franchising system has been both a blessing and a curse for the Philippines. A blessing because it allowed the transport infrastructure to be achieved with minimal commitment if government resources; but a curse because thousands upon thousands of independent drivers have made the business cut-throat, an “every man for himself” model that fuels the danger on Philippine roads.

  3. I don’t want to side with a Duterte, but I think this is the right path to solving traffic congestion. Our more successful neighbors have three modes of public transportation: taxi, bus and train.

    We have competing modes of transportation. First is short distance, tricycle vs jeep. Jeeps just wait for an eternity to fill up seats. I really hate tricycles, they are inefficient with their low passenger capacity and they charge unimaginable prices, for example a “special trip” on a university route can be P40, you can travel the entire length of edsa on a bus with that fare. Universities should invest in special route buses, it can provide income for the school. Which university doesn’t want more money?

    Then we have the disaster that is long distance. We have train, bus, jeep, uv-express suv, and uv-express van. Vans and suv’s have broken or weak ac’s most of the time. The trains break all the time.

    We all hate local taxi’s, I think that’s a universal truth. Just ask the Austrian vloggers.

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