Yes or No? Unpopular “Doble Plaka” is discriminatory against motorcycle riders

The “Doble Plaka” law, otherwise known as RA 11235 and more formally named the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act has again made the headlines. Not that it hasn’t been a constant point for arguments and debates, though. Senator JV Ejercito has expressed his disagreement with RA 11235 and went on to say that it discriminates against the motorcycle riding public.

Ejercito favors use of RFID instead of Doble Plaka

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Photo: Senate of the Philippines

Ejercito isn’t too happy with some of the provisions of this particular law. Particularly, the one that states that motorcycles must have license plates installed both in front and at the back. Hence the nickname “Doble Plaka” or “double plates”. Failure to comply and its accompanying fines are what the senator called to everyone’s attention.

“These fines and penalties are too excessive to the point of being discriminatory to motorcycle riders. They can reach P50,000 up to P100,000,” Ejercito said. He estimates that the fines provided in the law are about 10 times higher compared to those charged against violations committed by drivers of four-wheeled vehicles.

As an amendment to the law, Ejercito has proposed the use of RFID tags instead of having two motorcycle license plates. He went on to express his belief that RFIDs will be more useful and convenient for motorcycle owners and elements of the law alike. Part of his suggestion was the establishment of an RFID Command Center that can run scans and determine if a motorcycle has any alert placed on it or not. In that case, the said vehicle will have to be pulled over while the others can go about their business without having to be stopped.

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As it stands, the Doble Plaka law is very controversial and its actual and full implementation will continue to be hindered as long as points from all people concerned are heard. Do you believe that this is the way to curb motorcycle-related crimes? Do you agree that it discriminates against our two-wheeled motorists?

Let us know what you think.

Mikko Juangco
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  1. i’m fine with the doble plaka law provided that the front plate be an unremovable sticker or one that would get damaged if tampered with

    most two wheelers have no provision in front for the attachment of metal plates and to bore holes will only destroy the aesthetics of these bikes.

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