Rollback streak broken: Fuel price increase on October 11, PHP 1.20 gas, PHP 6.85 diesel

All good things end, and fuel price rollbacks are one of those. After weeks of consistent rollbacks – okay, so diesel had a bit of an increase two weeks ago – tomorrow’s hike will mark the highest price added per liter in quite some time. Starting tomorrow, gas, diesel, and even kerosene will get an increase of PHP 1.20, PHP 6.85, and PHP 3.50, respectively.

Tomorrow’s fuel price hike breaks the rollback streak

It goes without saying that all fuel players will be updating their pump prices with a marked increase. Depending on the area, exact fuel prices may vary per liter but the amount to be added per liter will be the same across all stations and brands, albeit at different times.

Fuel Price Increase Oct 11 2022 Inline 02

Photo: Seaoil

Seaoil has already announced its compliance with the fuel price increase tomorrow. Its prices will be updated at 6:00 AM tomorrow, per usual. Shell had also announced that their price adjustments will be implemented at the same time.

Fuel Price Increase Oct 11 2022 Inline 01

Photo: Cleanfuel

Cleanfuel has also posted its fuel price update for tomorrow. As mentioned, the same amount will be added per liter. Compared to the two previous brands, Cleanfuel will adjust its pump prices at 8:01 AM.

While other petroleum players have yet to post any announcement on their official platforms, we can expect a reflection of a fuel price hike, regardless. Tuesday has been a day to look forward to for weeks now, but tomorrow is going to be pretty sad for everyone.

Last week’s OPEC announcement already gave us an idea that a price hike this week is inevitable, but what we should brace ourselves for is the fact that this may start a string of fuel price increases in the coming weeks. At a time when economies have started reopening and businesses reliant on fuel and transportation have begun bouncing back, this couldn’t have come at a worse time. But roll with the punches – and fuel price hikes – we shall.

Until we find more stability and even more rollbacks being implemented, here is a quick guide on how you can save fuel, and some fuel-saving practices that you might be doing that you think to save fuel but actually don’t┬áthat we’ve debunked.

Hang on tight, folks. The worst may be far from over. So travel wisely, and do get your money’s worth for every drop of fuel.

Mikko Juangco
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