This should make you concerned and angry! Run-down truck towed by MMDA supposedly has valid registration

Illegal parking, among other things, is something that the MMDA has been consistently working on; and against. Last week the road-clearing operations continued and one incident had to take the cake. Somewhere in Quezon City, a beat-up and run-down truck was spotted by the MMDA to be illegally parked on the sidewalk. Here’s where it gets concerning: the owner said that it’s still being used.

Here’s where it gets absolutely ridiculous: supposedly, it has a valid LTO registration. Wait, what? This?!

MMDA tows illegally-parked, dilapidated truck, was told that it’s still being used and has valid registration

Mmda Dilapidated Truck Registered Inline 01 Min

Photo: Gadget Addict

First of all, we must give credit to Gadget Addict for documenting this particular operation.

The video itself did not focus on this specific “case”, but as the footage rolls on, it gets to the point when the MMDA spots a very beat-up truck illegally parked on the pavement. As is standard MMDA procedure, it had to be towed. So that’s one violation covered, right? Towing it and handing a fine to its owner is all there is to it, right?

Mmda Dilapidated Truck Registered Inline 02 Min

Photo: Gadget Addict

There’s more! While being hitched to the tow truck, the owner supposedly told the MMDA that this truck is still being used!

The first two photos already give you an idea about the unquestionable road-unworthiness of this truck, but let’s look at a few more details, shall we? The photo you see above is that of one of the truck’s tires. No tread? Yes, you’re right. How is it even safe to drive this on dry roads, and maybe even in wet conditions?

Mmda Dilapidated Truck Registered Inline 03 Min

Photo: Gadget Addict

Here’s another photo that should make us think. Given the worn-out tires, and what we can assume is a questionable brake system, the plate is not legible, and it’s all rusted up. Now let’s go straight to the worst-case scenario: this truck figures in an accident that results in injury or death, and there’s no way anyone can see its plate number.

Please don’t even start on the “just look for a beat-up truck, walang ibang katulad iyan” banter. That’s beside the point. Not being able to clearly see a vehicle’s license plate is illegal, so that simply adds to the Christmas gift list of violations that this truck and its owner should be slapped with.

Mmda Dilapidated Truck Registered Inline 04 Min

Photo: Gadget Addict

So what really is the most concerning, disappointing, and anger-inducing point of this?

We all know the troubles and hassles of those who legally wish to register their motor vehicles. The queues, the sea of people, system outages, and fees, all make it quite the chore(s) to do but again, if you wish to be 100% legal, then it truly is worth it. But seeing these accidents waiting to happen taking up space meant for pedestrians, or worse, rolling on the streets with what’s supposed to be a valid LTO registration should be beyond any of us; beyond all of us.

How does this even happen, and how and why is it being allowed? Red tape? Non-appearance? Fixers? The list of unscrupulous practices and individuals can go on and on, but the fact of the matter is that this needs to stop.

We applaud government agencies like the MMDA and individuals who work in the agency who continue to do the tough parts of the job like finding these examples and calling them out, but we know that the many wrongdoers and wrongdoings outnumber the few good men and women. Perhaps it’s about time that we become more proactive in ridding our roads of the many illegal things. Perhaps we should be given more channels to report things such as these.

But first things first: maybe we can get an official statement about the “validity” of this truck’s claim to being registered.

Mikko Juangco
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