Not lying, the Honda S2000R is every S2K and Type R fan’s wild dream come true

Oh, yes, the Honda “R” badge. The Civic has it, the Integra has it, the NSX, heck, even the Accord has a Euro R. One model we never saw was an S2000R or an S2000 Type R. This remained a unicorn, a dream for many. But wait, what if there is one? Now there is! In a manner of speaking. Thanks to Evasive Motorsports, even if Honda didn’t officially come out with an S2KR, we can finally see how it may have looked and could perform.

This Honda S2000R is brought to you by Evasive Motorsports

Evasive Motorsports has been around for a long time, and it has about 20 years of working on and tuning the S2000 on its belt. In wanting to modernize the platform, they decided to build a Type R version of the revered Honda roadster, and their creation is what they dubbed the S2000R.

Honda S2000r Inline 01 Min

Photo: Evasive Motorsports

The exterior is made up of a lot of Honda factory bits like the Honda 20th Anniversary bumper for the S2000, a proper SR2 front lip, an SR2 wide front fender with bumper extension, and even an SR2 carbon fiber wing. It’s likewise fitted with Spoon Sports aero side mirrors, Brembo S2R Spec 6-piston front and 4-piston rear big brake kit, and a color-keyed dry carbon hood and trunk lid.

Completing the overall look is a set of 18×0 EVS Tuning 52R forged Wheels 18×9 wrapped in Yokohama AD09 255/35/18 tires and of course, Championship White paint. That is a Type R trademark color after all.

The suspension and chassis have likewise gotten more modern upgrades that include S2R Spec KW Clubsport coilovers, S2R Spec suspension bushings, an EVS Bumpersteer Kit and camber joints, a front and rear sway bar kit from Eibach, and even an S2R chassis brace.

Honda S2000r Inline 02 Min

Photo: Evasive Motorsports

Inside you get a bevy of OEM and aftermarket goodies. The dashboard is finished in Alcantara, and the door cards are also fitted with EVS Tuning carbon door cards along with the same Alcantara on the upper portion. Aftermarket parts that made it into the 2-seater include a pair of Recaro Podium carbon seats, and in place of a traditional gauge cluster, the S2000R gets a MoTec C127 monitor. It also comes with a Momo steering wheel, plus a very pricey NSX-R horn button, plus an FK8 Civic Type R shift knob.

Honda S2000r Inline 03 Min

Photo: Evasive Motorsports

Evasive did say that they wanted to make the S2000R “modern”, so their power plant of choice is none other than the K20C1, the same engine under the hood of the FK8 Civic Type R, complete with its turbocharger. This “allowed for factory turbocharged reliability, as well as superb torque and response” according to Evasive. No performance numbers were published, but seeing as it’s a factory-built motor, it will likely have the same rating.

When you open the S2000R’s carbon hood, you’ll see a beautiful K20C1 turbocharged Type R engine, a Mugen carbon intake, an S2R intake manifold and downpipe, an EVS Tuning oil cooler, and a Koyo racing radiator.

Delivering power to the wheels of the S2000R is a 6-speed S2000 transmission fitted with an S2R custom adaptor plate for the K20 motor. It comes race-ready with an EVS Tuning high-capacity rear differential housing as well as an S2R Spec OS Giken LSD. Exhaust gases are handled by an S2R titanium dual exhaust by Origin Fab.

Honda S2000r Inline 04 Min

Photo: Evasive Motorsports

The S2000R is a project that was 3 years in the making. Chances are, this will likely be the only one out there for now, and it even sports chassis “number” 000″. Sure we have the parts listed down in this article, and maybe some enterprising individuals may be able to get their hands on them and other parts and build an S2000R of their own based on this beast by Evasive. But the fact is, they won’t be the first to gift the world with an S2000 Type R.

If we may say so ourselves, Evasive outdid themselves, and dare we say it, outdid Honda. In the best S2K way possible. Now, we wait for the Evasive motorsports-tuned power figures and the lap times of this prototype, and possibly the next S2000Rs that they might build in the future.

Mikko Juangco
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