LTO reminder: bright and blinding taillights and accessories are illegal

Oh, you don’t say! Last week, the LTO shared a reminder to the motoring public that using “illegal” taillights is actually punishable by law. When they say “illegal”, that deals with assemblies, bulbs and their colors, as well as accessories that are installed on the rear of the car that can blind drivers behind. We say that yes, please, do enforce this law. But before we ramble on, what exactly was in their statement?

Rules of the LTO regarding illegal taillights start at motor vehicle inspection during registration

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In an aired clarification shared by the LTO, details of the illegality of certain taillights and accessories were bared. Through a statement from a Board Member of the Automobile Association of the Philippines, it was made clear that according to Land Transportation and Traffic Code, only red (for brakes) and yellow/orange (turn signals) are allowed. That said, rear-facing white lights are simply not legal. The only white lights allowed are those indicating that a vehicle is moving in reverse (backing up/reversing taillights); and to a certain extent, plate lights.

Many might not be aware, but standardization of lights and their colors does exist internationally, and locally. You can find the PH rules in and under Republic Act 4136 Section 4. But how come there is an obvious proliferation of motor vehicles (read, 4-wheelers and above, as well as motorcycles and tricycles) that use such accessories? Here’s where it gets interesting.

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A representative from the LTO stated that “enforcement of RA 4136 starts during the inspection of a motor vehicle”. Wait, what? But what if the vehicle owner installs these illegal implements after an LTO inspection? Loophole, right? Well, yes, but there’s another method of law enforcement, apparently.

The same representative from the LTO stated that the agency has what’s called “Field or Roadside Enforcement”. In case anyone is apprehended for having and using these illegal lights and accessories, there’s a hefty accompanying fine of PHP 5,000. In closing, the LTO representative advised those who might want to put or install these implements to read first on their being legal or not before spending for them.

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A lot has been said, and we’ve even gone on to feature these odd-colored and blinding lights, as well as those full-backglass lighting films, and call them horrible, ridiculous, and yes, illegal. Because really, they are. And if there’s anyone who argues and stands with any justification that they are not, well, these accessories should be made illegal because again, they are.

But don’t take it from us. Take it from the LTO. Before they rightfully take PHP 5,000 from you and your wallet.

Mikko Juangco
  1. if truly the concerned government agency is serious in implementing the law against illegal lights, violators should be apprehended/penalized during inspection prior to registration. at the end of the day those law abiding motorists are the ones who suffer from bright and blinding lights installed by iresponsible car drivers/owners.

  2. You need to enforce lights on all vehicles sidecars and motorcycle head lights and brake lights and turn signals must be mandatory even on trucks people drive with no lights and you should make from windshields with no tint cause it’s a driving hazard and helmets should be mandatory on all bikes and no more than 2 people on it

  3. You need to enforce lights on all vehicles sidecars and motorcycle head lights and brake lights and turn signals must be mandatory even on trucks people drive with no lights and you should make from windshields with no tint cause it’s a driving hazard

  4. Hope LTO would enforce the law soon on these illegal accessories. Am a senior citizen and my eyes can’t withstand anymore the glare from these high beam headlights & accessories from cars & motorcycles.

  5. So what will LTO do about it? These big trucks normally have a blinding side light facing backwards which they keep open at night.

  6. They should include wide Stainless bumbers or body part. It can blind when headlights is refkected by this stainless

  7. We have so many laws,rules and regulation. This should be to make our road safe for the general public and for every motor vehicle using our public roads and highways. The problem with LTO and law enforcers they are not doing thier obligation to make our road safe. There are so many accidents in our road due to many disobedient drivers and neglect of LTO and law enforcers to apprehend these violators. What these enforcers are checking or issuing tickets are non-moving violation of drivers, like not wearing helmet, no complete documents, depicts in motor vehicles. These are not immediately dangerous to others although they the LTO and enforcers should also include that in their apprehension. However, they should prioritize apprehending the moving violation of drivers because of immediate harm to the public and other motor vehicles.

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