MMDA Coding exempts all Hybrid vehicles in full compliance with RA 11697

A query regarding Hybrid vehicles’ exemption from MMDA Coding, more formally named the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP), has been answered. Simply put, the answer is yes. If you own any kind of Hybrid – mild, plug-in, or full – or an electric vehicle (EV), you should not be apprehended for Coding by the agency’s enforcers. But there’s a bit of a caveat here.

A few simple steps for you to follow should your Hybrid be flagged for “violating” MMDA Coding

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For your convenience, we will keep this as straightforward as possible. All you’ll need to have with you is a copy of your vehicle’s Certificate of Registration. From there, the enforcer will refer to the “Fuel” category of the registered vehicle, and if it reads “HYBRID”, then you’re in the clear. Otherwise, you’ll have to go to the LTO to have your vehicle certified as a Hybrid. As you can see, this process has been confirmed by the MMDA through their official social media account Messenger.

Do remember that Republic Act 11697, AKA the Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act (EVIDA) has already passed into law 145 in April last year, and the exemption of Hybrids from MMDA Coding is part of its provisions. But it gets interesting from here.

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Strictly in the case of Quezon City, no memo or mandate was issued to enforcers of their Traffic and Transport Management Department regarding the Coding exemption. They did say that they follow the MMDA’s mandates, and in such cases that you are pulled over, you can show the screenshot above as proof that yes, you are exempted, provided that your vehicle meets the Registration requirement. Again, this is only for Quezon City. As we know, different LGUs have their own rules on the implementation of Coding (hello, Makati!) but we’ll make sure to update this article as we get more information from them.

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The MMDA Coding scheme has had its fair share of changes and amendments, and exemptions are the most commonly asked among motorists. Physicians have already been exempted 29, but we’ve come up with a more exact list in another one of our articles 81. One of the supposed plans to make things easier is that a special license plate will be issued to vehicles registered as Hybrids so they are readily identifiable and won’t have to be asked to pull over just to check. There’s been no news about this, but it may be the best thing to do for everyone’s convenience.

The fact of the matter is that this confirmation just gave a lot more draw for buyers to opt for Hybrid vehicles given that they can use their car all days of the week without fear of being apprehended for Coding; for the most part. Have you had any MMDA Coding experience with your Hybrid? It would be very interesting to hear people’s stories if their exemption is, indeed, being honored.

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