Fernando Alonso is auctioning off his Ferrari Enzo for around PHP 300 Million

Fernando Alonso is one of the most famous F1 drivers on the grid, he’s a double world champion, a hard competitor, and is actually enjoying a resurgence this year with Aston Martin F1. Once upon a time though he used to race for Ferrari, and having spent time with the legendary brand from Maranello he acquired one of its legendary steeds; the Enzo.

Fernando Alonso Enzo Ferrari Up For Auction

The legendary driver is set to part ways with the equally legendary car, the Enzo is widely regarded as the car that defined the ‘Hypercar’ segment way back when it was first launched. The Enzo used a carbon fiber and Nomex honeycomb monocoque chassis and an all-new six-liter V12 engine, capable of hitting a 7,800rpm red line. The whole car drew from elements and learnings from the brand’s experience in Formula 1, culminating in a car worthy of being affixed with the name of its founder.

Alonso’s particular model is finished in the iconic Rosso Corsa and has only covered 4,800 kilometers and is expected to fetch around €5,000,000 on auction night (P 301.35 million).

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