Finally! The Nissan Kicks E-Power is set to launch on August 12

Nissan Motor Philippines (NPI) has finally set a date for the launch of the all-new Nissan Kicks E-Power.

Nissan Kicks E-Power Launch Date

According to a post on Nissan Philippines’ Facebook page, the launch will be on August 12, 2022. Furthermore, the launch is set to be an online live stream event that can be viewed publicly on Nissan’s Facebook and Youtube pages. The event is set to premiere at 5:00 pm.

Nissan Kicks E-Power

What we’re curious about is how Nissan will price the Kicks, given that it’s a direct competitor for the (also hybrid) powered Toyota Corolla Cross. As if the Cross wasn’t enough, the Nissan Kicks E-Power will also be up against other heavyweights of the segment, such as the Geely Coolray and Honda HR-V.

It will be crucial for Nissan to either undercut or match its competitors in terms of price, what it does offer (which Nissan claims) is the hybrid technology to help quash “range anxiety”.

We were able to preview the Nissan Kicks E-Power a few weeks ago, so if you’re curious do check that article out. As for other specs? we’ll just have to wait till the official launch on August 12.

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