Fuel price adjustment on August 2, PHP 0.75 increase for gas, PHP 0.60 rollback for diesel

Motorists have been enjoying continuous fuel price adjustments for the past month. The rollbacks continue this week, but the rollback will only be for diesel. Gasoline prices will, in contrast, go up tomorrow, but only slightly. Price adjustments tomorrow, August 2, will be an increase of PHP 0.75 for gas, and a rollback of PHP 0.60 for diesel.

First fuel price hike in 4 weeks, gasoline up, but diesel down

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The past 4 weeks have given everyone the longest reprieve so far from continuous fuel price hikes. Tomorrow’s price adjustments, while not all good news, will still be better than what Filipinos have started getting used to. This time, diesel will continue its price drop per liter, while gasoline products will cost a little bit more at the pumps.

So far, Cleanfuel, SeaOil, and Petro Gazz have confirmed their fuel price adjustments for tomorrow. PHP 0.60 will be slashed per liter of diesel, and PHP 0.75 will, on the other hand, be added to gasoline.

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Photo: SeaOil

Clean Fuel’s pump prices will be updated at 8:00 AM tomorrow, August 2, 2022. As for Petro Gazz, they will be updating the prices at their stations starting at 6:00 AM. As usual, SeaOil will be updating their pump prices at the same time as Petro Gazz as well at 6:00 AM. Of course, actual prices per liter may vary depending on the station and area, but the gas hike and diesel rollback amounts per liter will be the same throughout.

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Photo: Petro Gazz

Caltex has released its announcement as well. Their fuel price adjustment will be implemented at midnight, 12:01 AM of August 2.

As for the other petroleum companies, we’ll be updating this post with their announcements as soon as they come out.

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Photo: Caltex

Last week, the total price drop per liter of gasoline and diesel was already at PHP 11.00 per liter. With this week’s fuel price adjustment, the “rollback streak” has been broken, but we can confidently say that this is far better than what we’ve seen since the start of the year. Both private and public utility vehicle owners have been feeling more than a pinch with every top-up and rollbacks, however small, will always go a long way in the interest of saving a pretty penny. Or centavo, in our case. We can only hope that the fuel price of gasoline goes down again next week.

Until such time, here are some easy-to-remember tips on how you can save fuel. Here are some tips as well on things that you might think work at saving fuel, but actually don’t.

Happy Monday, dear readers! Drive safely out there!

Mikko Juangco
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