MMDA had no major challenges, has smooth pilot run for new Single Ticketing System so far

Despite many concerns, the MMDA’s Single Ticketing System began its implementation. Though not in all cities of Metro Manila, apprehensions under the new system have begun, and so far, it seems that it’s all coming along pretty well, according to the agency. How’s it going so far, really?

Smooth implementation, some technical difficulties for Single Ticketing System

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The MMDA went so far as to say that the dry-run is, so far, successful. There are some kinks that they admitted to, though, and they will be making adjustments to address these. Likewise, all the feedback that they got from the public was also good and will help make the full implementation of the Single Ticketing System (STS) a lot better and easier.

“The STS’s implementation in the five cities where it was launched initially was successful. No major issues, concerns, or complaints have been reported. Our focus now is on some adjustments that must be made in the coming days. So far, we are doing good,” said Atty. Don Artes, MMDA Acting Chairman.

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Among the adjustments to be made is the training of law enforcers on the use of the new gadgets, the distribution of handheld ticketing devices, as well as body-worn cameras. Artes said in an interview that not all the Single Ticketing System enforcers on the ground are “not too techy” but they will remedy this with more training in the use of these devices.

According to Noreen San Luis-Lutey, LTO Regional Director, most of the issues encountered are related to familiarity with the system, which is acceptable since this is the first time to be implemented.

“Digital handheld devices have already been procured and are now being customized for use by LGUs. This month, we will begin the distribution to LGUs, initially in the five cities where the STS was rolled out,” Artes later added.

Some glitches were also encountered in the uploading of information on violations, access to the portal, and the activation of online payment systems, among others. “We will continue to get feedback and look for ways to improve the system,” Lutey said.

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Metro Manila Council President and San Juan Mayor Francis Zamora also chimed in on the first few days of the Single Ticketing System’s pilot run, saying that in his city, it was “smooth and received good feedback from the public, attributing this to the changes introduced by the system that benefitted motorists”.

“Driver’s licenses are not just confiscated anymore; there is a uniform set of fines imposed for the 20 most common traffic violations in Metro Manila, and there is the option for online payment of fines. We are excited with the development and rolling out of STS to other cities,” said Zamora.

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In case you missed it, here’s the list of the violations and their accompanying fines under this new Metro-wide system that the MMDA foresees will be implemented across all involved cities within the next few weeks.

Have any of you been involved in an STS apprehension? How was it? Any glitches or difficulties? While we don’t wish for anyone to be apprehended, we’re genuinely curious about your real-world experience with the Single Ticketing System.

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