MMDA enforcers get training for use of handheld ticketing device, clear anti-jaywalking ops orientation

It seems that the MMDA is out to show a more effective force on the ground. In the past few days, the agency has set out to train its enforcers on the use of the Handheld Ticketing Devices that they will be using for traffic-related apprehensions and has also conducted an orientation course on the Anti-Jaywalking Operation(s) that they will begin (or start being stricter with) enforcing.

Training and proper orientation for more effective MMDA enforcement

Mmda Training Handheld Ticketing Device Anti Jaywalking Ops Inline 02 Min

Photo: MMDA

As with any job, proper training and clear orientation are the keys to the effective implementation of any system. With the Single Ticketing System set for full swing with the use of Handheld Ticketing Devices, the MMDA has called enforcers from five participating LGUs for a training session on its use.

Mmda Training Handheld Ticketing Device Anti Jaywalking Ops Inline 03 Min

Photo: MMDA

During the session, its features such as issuing tickets, re-printing tickets, sending out a tow truck request, information on Number Coding or UVVRP, gathering traffic reports, and how to use the device itself were cleared and demonstrated. The training session is seen by MMDA Acting Chairman Atty. Don Artes as an essential step in improving and making the process easier for apprehending traffic rule violators and making it easier for these said motorists to pay their fines as well.

Mmda Training Handheld Ticketing Device Anti Jaywalking Ops Inline 05 Min


Alongside, the Traffic Education Division of the Metro Manila Development Authority has also conducted a number of batches for an Orientation Course on Anti-Jaywalking operations. Selected personnel of the Edsa Special Traffic and Transport Zone (STTZ) were called upon to take part in the said classes, and seeing where they are to be stationed – along EDSA – should help them keep pedestrians in order and keep them away from harm.

Mmda Training Handheld Ticketing Device Anti Jaywalking Ops Inline 04 Min


All in all, our only hope is that more enforcers are actually invited, rather, are mandated to take part in such orientation and training sessions. To err is human, but every job is important, and proper knowledge of how to carry them out is nothing short of essential. It’s already a difficult job as is, but becoming the authority and expert in their field of work can give them more confidence in what they do and more pride in not being able to be bullied around by those who might be in the wrong.

Good job, MMDA! More of these for your women and men, please?

Mikko Juangco
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