Nissan reveals prototype production facility for all-solid-state batteries

Nissan unveiled its prototype production facility for laminated all-solid-state battery cells, which the company aims to bring to the public market by 2028. This prototype facility, within the Nissan Research Center in Kanagawa Prefecture, is aimed to further promote the development of all-solid-state batteries.

Nissan Assb Prototype 3

Photo: Nissan

According to Nissan, by 2024 a pilot production line is planned at its Yokohama production plant. The materials, design, and manufacturing processes for prototype production on the line are to be studied at the prototype production facility. The production of Nissan’s all-solid-state batteries is part of Nissan’s Ambition 2030 plans.

Nissan Assb Prototype 2

Photo: Nissan

Nissan says its all-solid-state battery technology will be capable of storing twice the energy density of conventional lithium-ion batteries. They will also be able to have shorter charging times and cost less, due to the use of cost-effective materials in the production of the batteries. Nissan believes all-solid-state batteries can be reduced to $75 (PHP3,900 plus) per kWh in fiscal 2028 and to $65 (PHP 3,300 plus) per kWh thereafter, which would put EVs at the same cost level as gasoline-powered vehicles.

This news is a solid development for the quicker and more affordable adaptation of an EV future for us all, with Nissan leading the charge (pun intended).

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