“Temporary” PHP 1.00 increase in traditional and modern jeepney fare will be implemented on Oct. 8

Given the recent hikes in fuel prices, the LTFRB has likewise approved an increase in jeepney fares. Following the clamor of numerous transport groups for a fare hike, we can expect the base fare for both traditional and modern jeepneys to go up starting this coming Sunday, October 8. A “temporary” PHP 1.00 rise will be implemented on this said date and the fare adjustment applies nationwide.

Base traditional jeepney fare “temporarily” goes up to PHP 13, modern jeepney to PHP 15

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Prices of diesel have continued to skyrocket, and it was to be expected that many jeepney groups would sooner than later ask the LTFRB for an increase in jeepney fares just to keep up with rising fuel costs. Numerous consultations have been carried out between these groups and the LTFRB in the past few days, and a decision has been reached.

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Originally, it was moved that a PHP 5 increase be applied for the first 4 kilometers of travel and an additional PHP 1 for every following kilometer. Neither of these were approved and instead, a PHP 1 increase in the base jeepney fare was approved by the LTFRB. The LTFRB’s statement said that this is but a “temporary” or “provisional” fare increase and that its approval is to help ease the blow of constant increases in diesel prices.

“Piso na provisional fare increase lamang po ang inaprubahan natin sa first four kilometres pero wala pong kahit anong dagdag sa succeeding kilometres. Applicable po ito sa modern at traditional public utility jeepney sa buong bansa simula sa [We have approved only a PHP 1 fare increase for the first 4 kilometers but there is no increase in succeeding kilometers. This is applicable to modern and traditional jeepneys nationwide starting] October 8,” explained Teofilo Guadiz, LTFRB Chairperson.

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As to the duration of this “temporary” jeepney fare increase, no timeline or deadline has been declared other than its start date. This notwithstanding, the discount that students, senior citizens, PWDs, and everyone who is entitled to this privilege must continue to be honored by jeepneys. For now, all of us will simply have to wait for updates as they come in and at the same time, be ready with a bit more in our pockets to hand over to Manong TsuperĀ whenever we ride the jeep.

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