The Hyundai Tucson gets a mid-cycle refresh for 2025

The Hyundai Tucson is set to undergo a transformative facelift for the upcoming 2025 model year. While the external alterations might not immediately grab attention, subtle modifications to the front grille and skid plates contribute to an optical illusion of increased width, imparting a refreshed aesthetic.


Photo: Hyundai

However, it’s the interior that truly showcases the Tucson’s evolution into a next-generation model. The dashboard has undergone a comprehensive reconfiguration, echoing the design philosophy seen in the Ioniq 5. Notably, two 12.3-inch screens are now seamlessly integrated into the same housing, mirroring a sleek and unified display. A distinctive shift is observed in the steering wheel, where the Hyundai logo has been replaced by four dots, representing the Morse code for the letter “H.”


Photo: Hyundai 

The climate control switchgear has received a noteworthy overhaul, offering a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. In a welcome departure from the previous iteration, conventional controls are more prominent, featuring a pair of rotary knobs with embedded screens for air conditioning adjustments, complemented by two silver knobs for volume and additional settings. The central air vents, now slimmer, create an optical illusion of a continuous, dashboard-wide vent.


Photo: Hyundai 

Upon closer inspection, further refinements become apparent. The gear selector has been relocated to the steering wheel column, facilitating a redesign of the center console. This reimagined space now houses a sizable wireless charging pad, two generously sized cup holders, and a row of buttons arranged ahead. Premium touches, indicative of a high-end variant, include meticulously stitched door cards and dashboard, along with perforated leather adorning the seats.


Photo: Hyundai

Despite these tantalizing glimpses into the revamped Tucson, Hyundai remains tight-lipped about additional details. Given how the Hyundai Tucson is a popular model in the Philippines, we can expect this model to arrive in our shores sooner rather than later.

Carlos Miguel Divino

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