The STV Auto Rally Experience

Had to wake up very early yesterday (around 4:30am) to head off to Subic for the first Sunshine TV Auto Rally. It was my first time to join such a competition with over 60 cars from 13 brands involved.

Sunshine TV organized the event inviting all car manufacturers and dealers for an auto rally. It’s not really a race for speed but more of race for accuracy.

honda jazz yellow • The STV Auto Rally Experience

We were invited by Honda to be one of their 5 teams and drove a Honda Jazz 1.5. Other big cars were also there — Ford, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Toyota, Porsche, Isuzu, Kia, Mazda, Chevrolet, BMW, Nissan and Subaru.

honda jazz philippines • The STV Auto Rally Experience sampaguita rally • The STV Auto Rally Experience mitsubishi lancer mx5 • The STV Auto Rally Experience

The rules seemed simple at first but it becomes confusing and complicated when you’re already running the race. We were given a series of directional instructions together with the distance (in 0.1km intervals), landmark and suggested speed. We then have to compute how much time (in seconds) we need to get there and have to drive accurately so we get to the checkpoints on time.

stv auto rally • The STV Auto Rally Experience

If we arrived late, we get penalty points and at the same time, if we were early, we also get some penalty. So this is like a precision driving competition.

Unfortunately, because of some confusion with the maps, we got lost and got off-roads into the forest. Worst part is we (somewhat) crashed our vehicle which rendered it un-usable (this is like part of a series of unlucky incidents happening to me in the past several weeks now).

We had to switch and use another car (a Honda City) just to finish the rest of the leg of our race. We still don’t know which team won but it will be a miracle if our team average will even get us some good over-all ranking.

  1. Ford/Lexus?? what does this mean?? isn’t Lexus is under toyota brand?? these are the luxury cars of Toyota. Ford luxury are the Volvo’s.. 🙂

  2. @sir abe:

    nice ride, medyo may pagka-pikachu lang yong color, except for the mags, this new jazz has a more sporty look than the older models.

    is it possible to fit 18s or 20s TIS on this model? that will be so cool

  3. Si Alvin ba? hahah JokEz! Dude, meron pa yang 2nd round para sa 1st timer. Hayop ung mitsubishi evo!

  4. @johnny – sorry dude, I don’t have any cool gadgets to show off lately. The last one I got was the Nexus One from January. You’ll have to wait for April until I get a hold of the Apple iPad.

  5. Dude! your site is becoming BORING-er each day. When will you be back to normal? like doing reviews of cool gadgets? If you dont your viewers will be bored of you too. I am a fan of yours until the you became boring about 2 months ago. i miss the old yugatech

  6. sometimes you win, sometimes you lose…..

  7. I bet its an experience of a life time.. seeing all those cars and the race… looks more like an amazing race for cars.

    good thing nothing serious happened to you and the team.


  8. Ok, I just saw a Nissan Frontier in your first pic. haha 😀 what I mean is Nissan “cars”(not trucks) 🙂 It would have been cool if someone used a Nissan GT-R there, haha 😀

  9. sir Yuga, Im just curious kung anung mga Nissan cars ang nakita nyu sa Auto Rally; I can’t find any Nissan cars in your pics; halos puro Honda, Mazda at may subaru pa. 😀

  10. sama talaga. sana may next time ulit para makabawi.

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