Toyota Motor Philippines Issues Recall on RAV4 HEV and Lexus NX HEV

Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMPC) has issued a Special Service Campaign (recall) on select RAV4 HEV and NX HEV models because of the brake actuator software.

The Special Service Campaign recall affects 132 cars in total, 40 units of the Lexus NX HEV (sold from 17 November 2021 to 31 March 2022), and 92 units of the Toyota RAV4 HEV (sold from 1 December 2021 to 1 April 2022).

Toyota Recall

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Toyota Motor Philippines addresses incorrectly-programmed software

According to Toyota, these vehicles may have an incorrectly programmed Skid Control ECU software wherein if the driver turns off the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), the VSC may not return to its default on setting the next time the vehicle is started.

If the vehicle does not return to its default on setting, a warning light will appear which is a prompt for the driver to turn on the VSC again. However, if the driver fails to notice the warning light, the vehicle will continue to operate without the VSC.

Lexus Nx Hev Toyota Motor Philippines

Without VSC, there is a chance that driving the affected vehicles could end up being dangerous given that VSC is an integral safety feature that helps avoid accidents on the road.

For all affected vehicles, head over to your nearest Toyota and Lexus dealership to avail of the free reprogramming of the Brake Actuator ECU.

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