Uber agrees to sell to Grab in South East Asia, Philippines

Uber and Grab drivers face same sanctions as delinquent taxi drivers • Uber agrees to sell to Grab in South East Asia, Philippines

It’s finally near — Uber has agreed to sell its South East Asian operations to Grab according to sources familiar to the negotiations. The combined operation will be under Grab but Uber will still have a minority share, around 25 to 30%, according to reports. The official announcement will be made tomorrow morning in Singapore.

The talks have been ongoing for months with near confirmation just last February (see story).

For the Philippines, Grab and Uber are the 2 dominant players in the ride-sharing and ride-hailing business. The merger of operations between the two means we’re looking at Grab as the lone dominant service.

For more riders, this may not really impact since many drivers are already registered with both Grab and Uber.

{via Bloomberg}

  1. Magiging kawawa nito mga may trabaho sa malayong lugar, PWD at senior na pumupunta ng malayong lugar para magtrabaho, magpagamot at bumisita sa mga mahal sa buhay kung puro cancellation or ignored ang booking request.

  2. No impact?

    How about those frequent trip cancellations of Grab drivers?

    Possible price increase of trips if left unchecked due to monopoly?

  3. No impact? Beg to disagree, Grab’s pricing is ridiculously high compared to Uber.

    Just to illustrate, fare in a Grabshare (riding with someone) is often the same as UberX (riding solo).

    Also, with Grab, riders now have to bear those frequent driver cancellations.

  4. More ride request cancellations in the future then, Grab=psuedo taxi’s nilagyan lng ng smartphones -_-

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