DOTR addresses Angkas with Open Letter

The Department Of Transportation (DOTR) has issued a public statement to adress the current situation with Angkas.

dotr yugatech • DOTR addresses Angkas with Open Letter

The agency began by noting how Angkas has resorted to “emotional blackmail.” through the open letter, DOTR mentioned wanting to set the record straight by addressing the following issues raised:

  • Seventeen thousand riders will lose their jobs.
    In Angkas’ public statement, they noted how 17,000 of their riders would lose jobs over the next year as issued by the DOTR. In actuality, DOTR placed a cap on the number of riders Angkas can have to make room for two more operators: JoyRide and Move It.
  • The Motorcycle Taxi Service pilot run has approved more riders.
    Contrary to Angkas’ statement that the bookings will be scarce as the public will lose 17,000 riders, DOTR has stated that it is looking to increase the number of riders from Angkas’ 27,000 to 39,000 across the three Motorcycle Taxi Service companies.
  • Angkas is still part of a pilot run basis.
    DOTR has reiterated over and over again that Angkas does not have an official transport franchise, hence the DOTR is still assessing how to serve the commuters best. Tweaks and changes are yet to be expected, moving forward.

You can read DOTR’s full statement below:

Louie Diangson
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  1. here we go again, last time it was the Grab saga. In the end, nothing changes..grab’s fare gone up, drivers gone down and u always can’t grab a car which gave opportunity for the white sharks. The white sharks remain the same, 8 out of 10 don’t use taxi meters. All LTFRB/DOTR do is issue statements, fines and all sort of PR to protect themselves while the MAIN issue of shortage was never solved, 200 peso for a 3-4km journey and will go up next year for sure.

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