Honda to debut Honda HR-V RS Turbo along with “Mystery” car during PIMS 2022

Ever since Honda PH launched the all-new HR-V last April 2022 the brand has been relatively quiet. What was evident during the launch was that the HR-V lacked the true top-of-the-line variant; the HR-V RS Turbo.

During the press conference of the launch, Honda PH executives were quick to say that the RS would be coming soon.

Honda PH to debut HR-V RS and “Mystery” new model during PIMS 2022

The brand has just confirmed that during the Philippine International Motor Show, it will be launching the much-awaited Honda HR-V RS Turbo.

We can expect that the RS Turbo will have the same powertrain as the V Turbo variant currently on offer, what we aren’t able to discern just yet are the exact differences between the RS and the lower variants of the HR-V.


What is interesting though is this statement from Honda: “On top of these, there will be a preview of an All-New Honda model that will only be shown during the motor show.” 

As cryptic as the message is, all fingers definitely point to the all-new Honda BR-V as the “mystery” new model. It was recently just launched and showcased in Indonesia, which by all indications means that the PH was the most likely to get it next. How timely as well that PIMS is just around the corner.

Of course, all other Honda vehicles sold locally will be featured during the show too, and Honda will be taking the opportunity to introduce and showcase upcoming initiatives such as Honda CONNECT.

This upcoming technology aims to provide Safety, Security, and Convenience through smartphone connectivity. The platform serves as a personal assistant connected to the vehicle, further enhancing the Honda ownership experience. With Honda CONNECT, connected mobility will be available at your fingertips.

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