Quick Guide: How can Senior Citizens, PWDs get the MRT-3 Concessionary Card

Using the MRT-3 lines is currently free, but that’s only until the end of this month. With paid trips starting in about a week, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has released guidelines on how to get the MRT-3 Concessionary Card for senior citizens and PWDs. Though they don’t get free rides, they get a 20% discount, and any savings are good savings.

Here are the steps on how to get the MRT-3 Concessionary Card.

How do Senior Citizens and PWDs get the MRT-3 Concessionary Card?


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Again, this quick guide, as well as the Card is for senior citizens and PWDs. That said, those who wish to apply for it must have a valid Senior Citizen’s ID or a PWD ID. Their MRT-3 Concessionary Card will be delivered to their station of choice a few days after the application, and there’s a minimal PHP 30.00 issuance fee to be paid.

Step 1:

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Applicants must have the original and a photocopy of their Senior Citizen or PWD in hand. The first step is to get a Concessionary Registration Form from either the Commuter Welfare Desk or any teller’s booth in their nearest MRT-3 station.

Steps 2 and 3:

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Should the applicant have difficulties in writing his or her details, a companion may do this instead. After filling out the form, the applicant must hand it back to the counter along with his or her original Senior Citizen’s or PWD card, its photocopy, and of course, the filled-out form. After validation, the original will be handed back and the PHP 30.00 issuance fee will have to be paid.

A claim stub will then be handed to the applicant and on it, they will find the date on when they can claim their MTR-3 Concessionary Card at the same station where they applied. Should the applicant not be able to return, an authorized individual may claim their MRT-3 Concessionary Card for them as long as they have a valid ID, an authorization letter, and a copy of the applicant’s ID with them.

And you are done!


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It takes 7-10 days (we can assume these are working days and not calendar days) for the MRT-3 Concessionary Cards to be delivered to the stations. Once it has been claimed, it can immediately be topped up and used. A 20% discount will be applied to the standard fare, and that’s the best part of getting the card.

Thank you for initiatives like this, DOTr. Our Seniors and PWDs thank you. But here’s a suggestion: perhaps you can make an online application system for the MRT-3 Concessionary Card available. That’s going to be a lot easier and more convenient for seniors and PWDs, right?

Mikko Juangco
  1. Thank you for this very informative & helpful guide! But may I ask if you also happen to know for how long is the card’s validity?

  2. am a PWD, can i apply online for MRT-3 Concessionary Card. thank you

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