Toyota PH seemingly drops Vios GR-S from lineup

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) enters the new year by shaking up one of its best-selling model lineups. It seems the auto giant has decided to restructure the Vios lineup by dropping the racing-inspired top-of-the-line, GR-S.

No more Toyota Vios GR-S

The Vios has always been one of the best-selling vehicles for the brand, in fact, it enjoys one of the most diverse lineups the brand offers locally. It seems in a bid to streamline the model’s offerings the GR-S had to get the boot so to speak.

If one were to check the official website of the automaker, the GR-S was already removed from the list. We were also able to confirm the news with a person inside the brand.

The GR-S as mentioned was the race-inspired model with go-fast aesthetics and kits and an improved CVT transmission. However, few people bought the model most likely due to its price which was more than PHP 1 Million. Furthermore, the GR-S lacked the sport suspension that other markets like Thailand and Malaysia got, so we had to settle for the “sportier” CVT instead.


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Pablo Salapantan

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