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General Motors launched the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado here in Mactan, Cebu together with the Trailblazer. The vehicles will be released in the Philippines ...

We're here in Mactan, Cebu for the regional launch fo the new Chevrolet Trailblazer 2017 and the Chevrolet Colorado 2017. Both SUVs will be released in the ...

According to the newly installed MIAA General Manager, Eddie Villanueva Monreal, ordinary metered taxis will be allowed to enter all NAIA terminals and pick up ...

Leading automotive site,, has been sold to Now Web Solutions which is owned by serial entrepreneurs Rael Ross and Renato Dayan. The new owners are ...

For several months now, I've been taking Uber at least once a week. This is usually during my coding days or if my schedules are tight that taking the car to a ...

Dubai company, Kampac Oil Group, is planning to construct additional railway system in Luzon that stretches from Sual, Pangasianan to Manila. Kampac has an ...

A Php21 billion (US$440.2 million) project has been awarded to Hyundai Rotem Co. to construct a subway linking a train station in Manila all the way up to ...

Join us and Toyota PH for another short giveaway this holiday and get the chance to win an iPhone 6. Just follow the simple mechanics below. • Visit any of ...

During the annual Further with Ford Summit in Palo Alto, California, the American automotive company is expecting fully autonomous vehicles to run in public ...

Upon the invitation of Ford Motors, we visited their Palo Alto Research and Innovation Center of Ford in San Francisco last week where they showed us their new ...

The Philippines is among the first countries in the world to legalize and create specific regulations for ride-sharing services like Uber. The LTFRB will start ...

Ford Motors showed a lot of new innovations and shared a number of forward-leaning experiments that revolves around smart mobility during the first Consumer ...

Shell invited us to join the Formula One team in Sepang, Malaysia for the Grand Prix happening this weekend as well as take a driving experience on a Ferrari ...

I like Uber. Started using it in Detroit early this year and a few more times in recent months here in Manila. I recommend it to a lot of friends and encourage ...

A new House Bill, authored by Valenzuela City Rep. Sherwin Gatchalian, is being proposed to limit initial parking fees at only Php40 and regulates the rate of ...

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  1. Winners are now announced here:

  2. @JC – thought so too but I guess BMW thinks if you can use GPS while driving, why not FB and Twitter too?

  3. @johnny – sorry dude, I don’t have any cool gadgets to show off lately. The last one I got was the Nexus One from January. You’ll have to wait for April until I get a hold of the Apple iPad.

  4. @incredibleDNA – we went to Legazpi on Friday morning, the 6am Cebu Pacific flight. Yup. dune buggy din ata tawag dito.

  5. @lava bien – You are right! Size is relative. I allowed my 15yo nephew parked the Jazz and he suggested the back sensor.

  6. We’ll ask our contacts in Honda and get back to you.

  7. Maybe it will take a few more weeks before shipments arrive from Metro Manila.

  8. Try the nearest Honda Dealership in your area.

  9. We also have a list for bikes:

  10. Base dun sa radio interview sa DZMM, iba pa yung dealer’s price then the SRP.

  11. Not covered by the new law.

  12. Yes. The rationale of the law is that as long as it does not distract the view of the driver and does not operate it while driving, it is okay.

  13. It can be interpreted as “b) electronic computing device to perform other similar acts.”

  14. Could be interpreted as “computing device”.

  15. Contactless enforcement via the MMDA CCTV.

  16. Hindi kasama unless you operate it while driving.

  17. They will give you a citation ticket.

  18. MMDA chair said as long as it does not cover view of the road.

  19. Sa dashboard puede.

  20. Here is the list of exemptions:

  21. We posted a link to exceptions at the end of the article.

  22. I suggest getting an automatic sedan for UberX. It’s the best in terms of returns.

  23. And I forgot to bring my DJI Osmo!

  24. The Sony A7S MII has a built-in 5-axis stabilization already. The road was just too rough.

  25. Yes, but after we reviewed our footage, we discovered we sorely lacked profile shots of the new models. The ones we have here are the only usable ones (the Support Car in the convoy).

  26. Based on my daily bills on Uber from Makati to BGC, the fees are between Php200 to Php500 per trip. Let’s say average per trip is Php300 then they get 10 trips a day makes for Php3,000 a day or 90k a month.

  27. He is just one of several Uber drivers. He is an exception because he joined in December and drives almost 16 hours a day and sleeps in his car. As I said, the others (majority) I talked to shared that they don’t make much.

  28. If the question is the economic capacity of the person, then this law will only apply to those who can afford to buy a car. If you can’t afford a car, the law will not require you to buy a baby car seat. Fair enough, right?

  29. Exactly Php0.00

  30. Hi Oona! One of our Ad Networks uses some re-targeting technology that shows ads based on your browsing history. As such they may show ads that are exactly the same, similar or related to previous sites you have visited. We suggest using Incognito Mode to avoid the re-targeting.

  31. I think that’s exactly the point that Mazda is trying to achieve. That features like the iStop is not exclusive to expensive brands or models but also accessible to regular car buyers, thus the Mazda 3 and CX5.

  32. I am told it will be the actual release.

  33. I checked on the BRZ but ended with the Forester. Don’t want to get the BRZ anymore, I would look too much of a Subaru fan.

    Also looked into the GT86 but there’s a pretty long line from last I inquired.

    As for the Mustang, I really want it also but the price difference is like Php800k.

  34. I did! But changed my mind and got a condo instead. Then, got an Subaru Forester. Hoping to get the Genesis Coupe next.

  35. Hello! Do check out this Category for more Automotive articles:

  36. @calimanok – if the luxury tax of imported cars in the Philippines is 100%, then the landed price could go as high as Php12.4 million.

  37. @goosebumps – matagal pa daw, di pa lumalabas sa market e. hehehe

  38. @dom – thanks for the suggestion. I have my eyes on the 250R now.

  39. @drey — and all along, I thought CUV = cross-over SUV.

  40. @andre – actually, i didnt. Its that guy in the last picture.

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