Voice Control on the Ford Fiesta

Ford Philippines finally launched the Ford Fiesta in the country yesterday and one of their PR reps asked me to check out the Voice Control on the Sport model of the Fiesta.

ford voice control • Voice Control on the Ford Fiesta

At first I thought this was the Ford Sync they’ve already introduced in the US and other countries but turns out it’s a more simplified version (they just call it Voice Control).

Voice Control allows you to control and tune the FM radio, an iPod, a USB drive with mp3 music, and a mobile phone connected via Bluetooth. A small unidirectional microphone picks up all the voice commands and is situated just above the rear-view mirror.

ford fiesta • Voice Control on the Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta Prices:

Sport 1.6L AT – Php816,000
Trend 1.4L MT – Php685,000
Trend 1.6L AT – Php766,000

  1. you may also check out the official website of Ford Global City under Autohub Group at http://www.autohubgroup.com

  2. if u wish to know my kabag sa ford cagayan jus call me. and also see my car purchase with ford cdo. my no. 09228540473.

  3. so attracting ang ford fiesta. only, di pa lumipas ang kabag ko sa after sales service ng ford. especially ford cagayan de oro. salestalk matamis pero sa service tuso. bumili man kayo ng ford be sure hindi sa ford cagayan de oro. after sales service very bad. huwag kau maniwala sa warranty. panloloko lang yan ng ford.

    • so you buy your unit at cdo pala..baka nman nadala ka sa magagandang sales personnel kaya ngayon kinakabag ka for buying it sa ford cdo..hehehe

  4. wat is the difference between da 1.6 sport and 1.4mt trend 5dr.? can i swap my focus ?

  5. maganda nyan kung may voice recognition din siya para mag turn on yung makina nya!!! para iwas carnap!!! ang nakita ko lang sa youtube ay puro radio at music thru cp/music player

  6. Is this Ford Fiesta 2010 or 2011?

  7. Addendum: for those who are wondering, this thing (Fiesta) looks really good in person. Not only cuz its new mind you, but because it looks “active” (if that makes any sense) It feels like it wants to go .. The top of the range model (Sport) has a larger wing and bigger tires that help this look.. The one in Abe’s picture is the mid-range one I think.

    Also, as most euro-ish cars are wont to do, they have long bonnets. So even though this and the Jazz are almost the same size, since the fiesta has a longer hood, it also has a smaller hatch than the Jazz. The length that the Jazz saves in the engine bay is pretty much converted into space in the hatch and passenger space. And really, that’s what the Jazz is all about, interior space. Engine wise, pretty much the same power and torque numbers, ICE.. pretty much the same as well.. the Fiesta’s dual clutch powershift along with its suspension should be better tho(but I won’t be able to tell until they let me drive one)

  8. Bow Down? why do things have to bow down to anything else? People who are insecure about the stuff they buy/have always have to justify their purchase by saying stuff like “My (place your make and model here)is better than yours” Buy the best gear you can afford to pay for and be happy. Only thirteen year olds get into pissing contests.

    I have a Jazz, I test drove all the other hatches (practical things these) and even though in all honesty, the Ford Focus TDCI was what my test drives was telling me to get, I couldn’t afford it. So I have a Jazz. It’s fast despite its little engine, and it handles well enough for something that gives zero road feel, I like it. But I don’t go around waving a Honda is the best flag.

    My next car?, who knows, it might be the Fiesta. This car has been selling like hotcakes in europe. I’m a car nut among other things and I actually have been hearing really good things about the Fiesta. Anyone who has ever driven a Euro designed car will always crave the handling and high speed stability that they give. Despite the American badge, the focus and the fiesta were both designed in Europe, (the Fiesta was originally built in Germany, these latest ones are from Thailand). If the Fiesta handles like the Focus, and also I’ve been told that the 1.6 Sport has 6 speed double clutch powershift, and at Jazz prices.. It’s looking like my next ride. As long as its black.

  9. Saw that in flesh and i must say its something to reconsider if you’re getting a yaris, mazda2 or jazz. The 1.4l is tempting indeed 🙂

  10. wow, voice control, pretty interesting feature. Wonder how the competitors will react with this one 😀

  11. oooh, tempting. so girly

  12. i will buy this,when i have liscence. i wish im 18 yrs old now :((

  13. nice a hatch!

    ok na ang Trend 1.4L MT for city driving!

  14. Parang okay bilhin ah hahaha. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSVfgQYnbaA

  15. What a girlie name for a car, me thinks.

    And maybe 10 years from now, that voice control could be used to drive the car itself. 😀

  16. kelan kaya ako makakabili nyan 😀

  17. so this is what Ford will vie for the market share of Toyota VIOS and Honda CITY? nahh, I don’t think so! People will not consider Ford Fiesta as alternative to those top two selling brands.

    in my opinion, Ford Fiesta can very much compete with Mazda 2 and Honda Jazz.

  18. @loadex

    city will not bow down to fiesta. never.

  19. i like one.. the 1.4L pricing is tempting. Will city and vios bow down to the fiesta?

  20. @abeolandres do you have the spec? and when it will be release?

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