Honda x Sony cars might come standard with PS5 consoles

Earlier this year Honda and Sony established a joint venture called Sony Honda Mobility IncThe joint venture aims to merge both brands’ expertise to develop Electric Vehicles (EVs).

In an interesting twist and development, it seems that Sony is planning to use one of its most famous products as part of the EVs entertainment.

Sony And Honda

Photo: Reuters

Honda x Sony Cars with PS5???

During a recent interview by the Financial Times and reported by IGN, Honda and Sony are reportedly working on integrating the Playstation 5 console in the vehicle as “part of a greater vision to make a more entertainment-driven vehicle.”

“Sony has content, services, and entertainment technologies that move people. We are adapting these assets to mobility, and this is our strength against Tesla,” Sony Honda Mobility president Izumi Kawanishi

Honda X Sony Ps5

As good as this news sounds, we’re fairly certain that the brands will ensure the usage of the PS5 to passengers only. Even if the EVs will have autonomous driving features, driver attention is still needed.

So it seems that the next frontier of vehicle entertainment is gaming consoles, do we think this is a good idea? or Nah? would you buy a car strictly because it has a game console?

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