One hour adjustment to government office hours to ease traffic; being studied by MMDA

Ever since the shift to Alert Level 1 classification, the metro has gradually experienced an increase in traffic flow. Even if the MMDA did say previously that there was no need to return to the normal number coding scheme, it seems between that statement it seems things have gotten slightly worse to warrant more attention from the agency.

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Photo: MMDA Facebook Page

One solution the MMDA is currently looking into is adjusting the government office hours. The idea is that by making the start and end of the workday earlier, it will shift some commuters away from rush hours in the morning and evening.

Baka daw po pwede na ang pasok sa gobyerno at young mga transaksyon sa gobyerno ay simulan ng 7:00am at mag-end ng 4:00pm,” MMDA chairman Romando Artes recently told the media.

Yan pong sang oras na adjustment na ’yan sa pasok po sa gobyerno, ay malaking bagay dahil hindi lamang po yung pumapasok sa trabaho sa gobyerno ang apektado diyan, kung hindi pati na po yang meron mga transaksyon sa gobyerno,” he added.

Lastly, the return of the normal number coding scheme is being discussed once more.

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