New 2023 Honda CR-V will finally make its ASEAN debut at Bangkok International Motor Show

The all-new CR-V has already had its debut in other countries, and a lot of fans have been waiting for it to land in the ASEAN region. It seems like we won’t have to wait too long now because it’s set to be premiered at this year’s Bangkok International Motor Show. Here’s our first clear look at Honda’s new 6th-generation crossover.

Honda CR-V drops diesel, and will now be hybrid and turbo-gas powered

Since we source our CR-V units from neighboring ASEAN countries (Thailand, in general), this is a pretty good basis for what we could get in the Philippines.

On the outside, the models that we’ve seen debut before in the USA are just slightly different from what’s slated to be released here. Heck, save for the omission of the rectangular accent pieces on either side of the lower front grill, it’s all the same. The geometric, honeycomb grill has been retained, and it looks like we will get what’s been previewed before, including that amber strip on the fender. If that’s a functioning turning lamp remains to be seen, and if it is, that’s a bit of an odd place to put it, if we may say so.

Another interesting development is that the new CR-V will be released with a new RS variant as well. Whether that will be the turbo or hybrid-powered variant remains a mystery, but we’re going to bet on the former. We’ll touch more on the engine choices later on.

2023 Honda Cr-V Teaser Dashboard Main 00

As for the interior, the teasers were spot-on. Everything that’s been shown thus far looks the same as the one in the Thai-spec CR-V. It carries the same design language on the dashboard; now almost if not all of Honda’s vehicles have a similar-looking dash. The gauge cluster will be a fully-digital unit, the infotainment screen will take on a “floating” design and will likely come with connectivity features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and the air conditioning vents are also “hidden” under a honeycomb strip.

Reports are saying that like the outgoing model, the CR-V will get a 5- or 7-seater option. Seeing as how that’s been a pretty significant selling point for this particular crossover, that’s most likely going to be offered, indeed.

2023 Honda Cr-V E:Hev Turbo Bangkok International Motor Show Inline 02 Min

Photo: Honda

And now we get to the engines. Big news, folks: the CR-V will no longer have a diesel engine. In its place will be an e:HEV gasoline hybrid system. Its 2.0-liter displacement in line with dual electric motors will put out around 207 HP and 335 Nm of pull. Those numbers surpass those of the diesel motor, and should be a strong replacement and more environment-friendly option, yes?

Another option, conforming to the variant, is a 1.5-liter i-VTEC gasoline turbo mill. It’s the same engine that we see under the hood of the Accord that makes 192 HP and 260 Nm of torque.

All things considered, the diesel engines might not be missed that much seeing as how these two new choices give enough power and pull to propel this crossover with nary a hiccup.

2023 Honda Cr-V E:Hev Turbo Bangkok International Motor Show Inline 03 Min

Photo: Honda

The Bangkok International Motor Show isn’t set to kick off until March 22, but we can expect the full specs of the all-new CR-V to be released a few days prior to the show. Once those come in, we’ll get a much clearer picture of this well-loved crossover that’s now in its 6th generation. With its first-quarter ASEAN release, we hope it hits our shores before the year ends. That would be an awesome Christmas gift for everyone, wouldn’t it, Honda Cars Philippines?

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