GAC hopes to bring in EMKOO Hybrid before 2023 ends

The GAC EMKOO SUV launched just a few months ago during the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS), and yet the brand already has big plans for the future of its futuristic SUV.


Over the weekend I was invited to attend a small gathering in celebration of the EMKOO in the GAC dealership in Ortigas. The event was yet another preview for customers to get a chance to get up close and personal with the EMKOO and even test drive it along with a couple of other brand vehicles.

During the event, I had been introduced to some high-ranking members of the GAC and Astara groups, I took the opportunity to ask them about the brand’s plans given that the world is shifting rapidly towards Hybrids and EVs. Normally, I expect them to say we’re looking into it blah blah blah, but I was surprised when I was told that they are keen to launch an EMKOO Hybrid variant before the year ends.

GAC Steering Wheel Emkoo

Now this would be significant news given that the crossover/SUV segment is dominated by Hybrid offerings like the Nissan Kicks and Toyota Corolla Cross. At the moment only GWM is offering Hybrids in terms of being a Chinese manufacturer, this gives GAC a window of opportunity to capture some of the market share from the Japanese competitors.

2023 Gac Emkoo Mias Front

What will be key here though is the pricing, the Corolla Cross Hybrid GR-S retails for almost 1.7 Million while the Kicks is pushing upwards of 1.5 Million. The brand would be wise to slot it in between the two, or should they really want to shake things up they could undercut the competition completely.

In China, the EMKOO hybrid is powered by a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine good for 140 horses and 180 Nm. It works with an electric motor and 2DHT. As for the system power output, its total output is 238 hp. What is interesting about the EMKOO hybrid is that the powertrain is jointly developed with Toyota which is one of the best hybrid engine developers.

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