The 2023 Mazda 2 gets a new polarizing look

Mazda in recent times has been known to create and sell some of the most eye-catching vehicles on the market. The signature Kodo design has given people many reasons to want their cars.

Even the smallest vehicle they sell was quite the looker, but for 2023 the brand decided to update the Mazda 2 and it seems that most people aren’t sure if they like it or not.

Mazda 2 Inline 2

Mazda 2 new look

First off the new 2 will have a different face that has a large solid body-colored panel right at the front and center. Buyers do have the option of choosing a darker color or a more conventional mesh grille type depending on the variant you get, but this new addition is the big surprise with this design overhaul.

Mazda 2 Inline

The wheels now also get a new futuristic and striking design, It now gets a new design featuring body-colored accents. The front and rear bumpers are also new, and Mazda claims that a new treatment to the 2’s two-tone exterior results in reduced energy consumption compared to older body color schemes.

Continuing the energy efficiency mantra, inside the 2 gets a mix of bio-engineered plastic to help offset some carbon footprint. The new Mazda 2 is currently on offer in Japan for now, but should it make its way hear, would you get one? do let us know what you think.

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