2025 Isuzu Mu-X gets a big facelift and a lot more goodies inside and out

The 2025 Isuzu Mu-X is finally here! It’s not an all-new model as many might have been waiting for, but this minor model change is bringing better looks as well as added features and enhancements both inside and outside. So without further ado, let’s go and have a look at what’s in store for us, shall we?

Not all-new, but a major update for the 2025 Isuzu Mu-X

2025 Isuzu Mu-X Thailand Launch Official Inline 01 Min

Photo: Isuzu

Let’s start with the updated Mu-X’s exterior. As we can see, the front end went through a major redesign. The headlight assemblies, the massive grill, and even the front bumper all look very different from that of the former “model”. Previously it had a good mix of round and sharp edges, but this time, Isuzu looks to have taken the edgier route for this update.

The side profile remains the same, save for different sets of alloy wheels depending on the variant. What we see here is the RS, which incorporates a lot of black accent pieces compared to the more subtle and color-keyed Active, Elegant, and Ultimate variants. These three get silver alloys.

Moving to the back, we also see a different look from the outgoing “model”. A long LED strip has been incorporated into the slightly redesigned tailgate. The taillight units have also been updated to blend seamlessly with the aforementioned LED bar.

2025 Isuzu Mu-X Thailand Launch Official Inline 02 Min

Photo: Isuzu

On the inside, the cabin looks generally the same. Significant tech upgrades do include a new digital gauge cluster as well as a new infotainment touchscreen. As far as the seats go, their build and bolsters look quite different, too.

Again, with the RS, you get a few more distinct pieces such as black interior panels and leather upholstery. Upholstery being mentioned, the RS comes with contrast stitching. It also comes with ambient door lighting that’s become a bit of a standard on the higher variants of Isuzu’s vehicles.

2025 Isuzu Mu-X Thailand Launch Official Inline 03 Min

Photo: Isuzu

Under the hood, and again depending on the variant, there are two engine choices for the Mu-X. The first is a 1.9-liter engine and the second is a heftier 3.0-liter motor. Both are diesel and turbocharged and are mated only to automatic transmissions. The manual transmission options are all gone for this iteration of the Mu-X. Power and torque figures for these engines are about 148HP and 350 Nm, and 190HP and 450 Nm, respectively.

The most important changes to the Mu-X include the choice of using electric power steering or EPS in place of the old hydraulic power steering. That should make maneuvering and turning the wheel of this SUV a lot easier and lighter. Also, ADAS, Isuzu’s standard and proprietary safety suite, gets added features with a Lane Keep Assist System and Emergency Lane Keeping.

The prices for the updated 2025 Isuzu Mu-X – in Thai Baht – are from 1,184M for the base 4×2 1.9 Active variant, and it goes all the way up to 1.759M for the range-topping 4×4 3.0 RS. Roughly converted, that translates to PHP 1.894M and PHP 2.813M. As always, please do not take these as anything close to actual prices in the Philippines should this facelifted model make its way to the country. But at least we have an idea on where the prices might hover if it does.

Do you like what you see? We definitely do. Though a bit disappointing that it’s not all-new, we can say that this is a minor model change that looks too darned good to be “minor”. That, and it goes beyond looks to boot.

Now we’ll just be waiting for Isuzu Philippines to make an announcement on when this will come in, and more importantly, how much it will cost.

Mikko Juangco
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